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Sewage DAMAGE RESTORATION AT Fruitport, MI (Muskegon County)

Sewage loss

Homeowners and landlords alike turn to us for assistance when facing devastating issues at their properties. This gentleman and his wife were renting to a family that had a hard time reporting issues that came up at the property so once they were asked to leave, we were called to come to take a look at their dirt crawl space that “smelled really bad”. After arriving and suiting up in our hazmat gear, we entered the confined space to discover that the sewage main had ruptured and had been pouring sewage into the crawl space for an extended period of time. Dirt has to be handled differently than concrete or construction materials as it cannot be sucked up or sanitized in the same manner.

After removing the plastic vapor barrier on top of the dirt we began the “muck out” process which is essentially digging down below where the sewage was able to soak into the dirt and haul it out. Without it having to be said, this is a much more involved type of job as it fully relies on the technicians as they shovel and bag all of the affected dirt by hand. Plumbers wouldn’t go in to do the repair until the sewage was remediated so this was a time-sensitive endeavor for us. What dirt was left we mixed lye and bio-degradant solution so microbial, and larvae could no longer develop. Once the area was cleaned out and sanitized, the plumbing was repaired, and the home was able to be put back up for rent.

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