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Water damage restoration at Holland,MI (Ottawa County)

Water loss

After receiving a call for a wet basement, we arrived and discovered that an ongoing foundation leak was the culprit. Helping the homeowner identify their bylaws and contact their HOA allowed us to get the leak stopped and begin returning their home to normal. The water had traveled through the foundation, into a closet, under two walls, and affected their stairs and some of their downstairs living room. The loss had happened a week or so prior but was only able to be handled once the HOA cleared all their red tape so once we got into diagnosing the scope of work we discovered that some mold had begun forming where the leak originated. Altering our approach on the fly we contained the area and began our mold removal process to ensure the rest of their home would not be contaminated.

Drywall, carpet, carpet pad, and tack strips all needed to be removed and properly disposed of before we could begin the drying process as putting air movement on any form of mold growth is prohibited. Once all the remediation for both the mold and water had been completed, we applied a medical-grade botanical disinfectant to ensure no further issues would develop leaving the homeowner with peace of mind.

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