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Understanding Water Mitigation & Water Restoration

What is the difference between Water Mitigation & Water Restoration?

What is the difference between Water Mitigation & Water Restoration?

Water damage can happen at any time with no warning weather in a home or business. There are a lot of factors that come into play when it comes to water damage. One easily preventable cause being accidental overflows of water when someone forgets to turn the faucet off.

Also inclement weather causes floods or deep freeze of pipes which can lead to the pipes breaking into the walls causing extensive amounts of water damage. Another reason for water damage can be issues with the foundation or a leaky roof exposing your walls and ceilings to massive amounts of water damage. Sump pump failure and sewer backups are also very common water damage issues that can cause major water damage to your property.

Water damage to a home or business can be devastating and very stressful to tackle. It is a more common issue than many people would think. With more than 14,000 homes being affected by water damage on a daily basis within the United States. It is crucial to get the help you need from a professional water restoration company as soon as you notice the water damage has occurred.


What is water mitigation? Water Mitigation is the process of finding the source of water entry and stabilizing the home and structure making sure to stop any further damage and reducing overall losses from occurring. Whereas water restoration is the process following the mitigation including repairs and replacement of any water-damaged items within your home.

The Mitigation Process:

  • Finding the source of water entry
  • Extraction of standing water
  • Drying out the affected area
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the affected Area.
  • Removing any damaged structures such as drywall, flooring, as well as any carpeting and furniture.

Water mitigation and water restoration are the two processes that help get your home back in order after a water disaster. At the time of a water disaster always call a professional such as RAM RESTORATION to help address the issue before there is extensive water damage to your property.


 Water damage restoration is key to maintaining a safe and livable environment for you and your family. If you notice standing water within your home or business addressing the issue immediately is the best way to prevent permanent water damage to any structure or residence. 

The main benefits of water damage restoration are getting the help you need in a timely manner to stop the spread of further damage to your home or business. Choosing the right team of local Michigan experts at RAM RESTORATION can help you put a stop to continuous water damage quickly and efficiently.

When disaster strikes the only way to preserve and bring your property back to normal is by water damage restoration. Trying to tackle a water damage issue can be quite difficult and devastating. Even though some may think that tackling a water damage project on your own is sufficient, it will prove quite difficult. Our team of professionals at RAM Restoration can tackle any home water damage restoration project at competitive rates and keeping your needs in mind.

The first 24 hours are crucial in making sure that the least amount of water damage occurs. Acting fast to get the water damage repaired can prevent larger issues such as electrical and structural issues if left unrestored. Keeping in mind that the longer you have sitting water there is a higher possibility for life altering bacteria such as black mold growth. Black mold can cause respiratory issues and infections if not stopped in its tracks.

Acting sooner rather than later will help you prevent these stubborn and dangerous bacteria from having a breeding ground. Keeping you and your family safe and out of harm is our number one priority. Act fast and call your local Grand Rapids professionals at RAM Restoration to aid you with all of your water damage restoration needs.


Here in Michigan the main causes of water damage are:

  • Severely Cold Weather- Causing pipes to burst.
  • Massive snow piles melt bringing water into your home.
  • Rusted Pipes- Burst or Broken Pipes
  • Leaking Roof
  • Basement Flooding
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Natural Disaster
  • Sewer Backups
  • Sump Pump Failure

Let RAM Restoration help you with your water damage restoration needs. Our team of local professionals have years of expertise in Grand Rapids Michigan water restoration strategies to help you get your house back in tip top shape in a reasonable timeframe. We pride ourselves in serving our local community with a 15-minute response guarantee any time you have an emergency.


There are 4 classes of water damage ranging from least amount of water absorption and evaporation to extremely high amounts of water damage and absorption. These classes are set to differentiate between the place of water entry and how much water exposure has occurred. As well as being an indication of how water gets into different household materials and structures. Here are some examples of materials and structures that may be disrupted by water damage and their level of absorption. These materials can range from surfaces made of concrete, plywood, vinyl, hardwood, plaster, and bricks. As well as materials that are much more porous and absorb water much more rapidly such as carpets, furniture, rugs, cushions.

Class 1: Water damage at this level is when exposure is minimal, and a small amount of absorption has occurred. Class one usually pertains to exposure to concrete, vinyl, plywood, and materials that will not be ruined easily by small amounts of water exposure in the household, basement or crawlspace.

Class 2: Water damage at this level is when exposure is more significant, and damage has been done to all surfaces including floors, walls, ceilings, and other very porous materials including rugs and other structural materials.

Class 3: Water damage at this level is the greatest with the highest level of absorption and evaporation. At this level the most water damage has been done to walls, gypsum board, fiber fill insulation. This level of water damage and exposure typically occurs from a leaking roof.

Class 4: Simply put, this level of water exposure is extensive and that is why this is called the specialty drying level. Due to the high level of water exposure to materials such as hardwood, concrete, plaster concrete and other materials that have low absorption levels and are the least porous. Typically, this level of water damage occurs from flooding and any standing water.


Experiencing water damage in your home can be very devastating and stressful. Focusing on getting the right team of water restoration experts can help reduce ensure that the problem is taken care of safely and effectively. It is crucial to reach out to your team of water restoration experts immediately at the onset of water in your home. In order to prevent further spread of water entry and prevent further damage to your property.

RAM Restoration team of experts Certified Water Damage Restoration Technicans (WRT) by IICRC:

  • Rapid Response- Response within 15 minutes of your initial call. Available 24/7 to jump into action to assess and mitigate your water damage issues and concerns.
  • Initial assessment- Our restoration team will do a thorough assessment. This assessment will help find the source of water entry, ruling out potential safety hazards and the extent of water damage. As well as creating a plan for necessary steps for cleanup and restoration.
  • Mitigation- Mitigation is the first step in finding the source of the water. Once mitigation has been taken care of your team will assess and stop the water from causing any further damage to your property. Using specialized equipment, they’ll now proceed with the water extraction and drying of the affected areas to prevent structural damage and mold growth.
  • Professional services and techniques- Using top of the line equipment and following the safest practices to utilize successful water damage mitigation and restoration. The team will use the latest techniques to keep you and your home safe from further water damage.
  • Restoration planning- Based on the initial assessment the team will create a plan for a successful mitigation and restoration of your home. This plan will include all procedures that will be necessary in restoring your home to its pre-damage state. Including any restorations, repairs and replacements needing to be done.
  • Clear Communication- Once the initial water damage assessment is complete your team will discuss any plans for restoration and timelines. Establishing a plan based on your needs and wants.
  • Your team- Our team of highly trained restoration specialists are certified in IICRC and specialize in residential and commercial business water damage restoration, restoration of salvageable items and accelerated drying time practices. Ensuring that all your water restoration needs are taken care of safely and with the highest efficiency.
  • Insurance and documentation- Your team will assist you with proper documentation and photos of the water damage for an easier experience.
  • Completion of Services- Upon completion we will come do a walkthrough of the affected area of your home or business making sure that you are fully satisfied with the end results.


When water enters your home causing havoc you will need a team of experts you can trust to take care of the damage and cleanup. Place your trust in RAM Restoration for all your water restoration needs big or small. Our team is available 24/7 within Grand Rapids Michigan and our experts will be dispatched within 15 minutes of your initial call.