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Storm Damage Restoration Services

The Storm Damage Restoration Experts You Can Rely on Around the Clock!

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As storm frequency and intensity increase throughout the nation and the Grand Rapids area, homeowners and business owners must be prepared. The effects of storm damage often go hand in hand with water and mold damage — both devastating.

As if the physical storm damage isn’t bad enough, standing water and mold can have adverse health effects when not cleaned up properly. The last thing you want to deal with on top of foundational issues is an invisible toxic fungus that can cause respiratory issues down the road.
That’s why RAM Restoration’s storm damage experts exist!

The truth is you won’t know which storm will negatively affect your home or business. Sometimes, it takes a series of storms to weaken your property until a light rainstorm causes a serious leak. Other times, all it takes is a day of high winds and heavy hail to do the trick.

Either way, you can rest assured that when and if storm damage happens to your property, our storm damage restoration experts will be available 24/7 to address the situation.

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Water, Mold, and Even Fire Can Follow Storm Damage

What You Should Know About Storm Damage

What most home and business owners don’t realize about storm damage is that it’s not just patio furniture and roof shingles that get tossed around. Basements can flood, leading to standing water. Roofs can leak, leading to moisture seepage and soggy walls. Sump pumps can back up, and pipes can back up or fail, leading to dangerous sewage leaks inside the home. High winds and hail can also lead to fires as the sheer force can be strong enough to knock down utility poles and short electrical circuits.

Not only can these things cause physical destruction to your property from the outside, but foundational damage as well. This is especially true when mold begins to grow — and it will overnight if the conditions are right. That’s why you must call the storm damage restoration experts at the first drop of moisture!

Once you call, our storm damage restoration team will schedule an appointment to assess the damage and secure your property as soon as possible. From there, we’ll determine the best course of action to restore your home or business to a clean, strong, and functional state.
Our skilled and experienced restoration team has the training and skills to know just what to do to return your property to its former glory!

Only Hire the Storm Damage Experts
You Can Trust!

Avoid Unnecessary Risk by Working With RAM Restoration. Storm damage affects everyone differently, and not all storm damage restoration experts are reliable.

Storm Damage Restoration Services in Grand Rapids Provided by RAM Restoration

Why Choose Ram Restoration for Storm Damage Restoration in Grand Rapids, MI

Quick action is what will make or break the outcome of your restoration after storm damage. Trust us when we say there’s a huge difference between needing your basement drained and decontaminated and having to replace your property’s entire foundation.

You’ll want to call us right away when you notice moisture damage or standing water, and our storm damage restoration experts will be there as soon as possible to take action. We’ll get to work immediately to assess the damage and prevent further damage from occurring while we come up with a game plan.

Once our restoration team has concluded the extent of your storm damage, we’ll start the restoration work immediately.

We’ll start by extracting any water and sealing off leaks to prevent further damage from occurring. From there, we’ll use our state-of-the-art tools and equipment for drying, dehumidifying, and detecting moisture to restore normal moisture levels within your home or business and prevent mold and mildew.

If needed, we’ll tarp and board up doors, windows, and roofing to prevent further damage occurring to weakened areas from the outside of the property. We’ll also make sure all of your non-damaged items are protected as we do our job!

If your home also suffered fire and smoke damage during a storm, we can take care of that too! We’ll assess the extent of the fire-related damages and clean up any soot and debris using our Mini Serum System 1000, which is the most effective solution for removing soot and sanitizing the area on the market today!

If mold has already appeared in the affected areas of your property, we’ll perform an air quality test to determine the spore count and type of mold. From there, we’ll track it all the way to its moisture source. Once we’ve located the source, we’ll determine how to correct the issue and get started on the mold removal and remediation process.

Keep in mind that mold remediation can be a lengthy process, as mold and mildew can build up in hard-to-reach places. This includes the inside of your walls and HVAC system. Given the right conditions, mold will grow within just 48 hours. At this time, however, it’s typically invisible to the naked eye, and you don’t wait until it becomes a visible problem.

In addition to cleaning up water, debris, and mold (if any), we’ll also start the decontamination process right away. This is to mitigate any instances of growing pathogens in the case of standing water and sewage leaks that have caused mold or have the potential to cause mold.

We’ll ensure that the entire area has been thoroughly sanitized as well to prevent instances of mold or bacteria coming back.

Restoration and reconstruction come last. During this process, we’ll restore any damaged areas to the structure of your home by repairing or replacing the affected materials. We may have to tear down the drywall, replace pipes, or rip up carpeting, depending on what cannot be salvaged.

While we don’t specialize in reconstruction, we will refer you to the best renovation specialists we know to get the job done right!

Commercial Storm Damage Grand Rapids RAM Restoration

Commercial Storm Damage and Restoration in Grand Rapids

The RAM Restoration team has had extensive training in all types of property damage. We also participate in ongoing property restoration training to stay up to date with the latest practices, techniques, equipment, and more. Not only are we properly licensed and insured, but we also have decades of critical experience helping homeowners and business owners recover after experiencing storm damage in Grand Rapids.

Avoid unnecessary future risks by calling the restoration experts at RAM when storm damage strikes!

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