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Water Damage Restoration in
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Our experienced team is available 24/7 to respond quickly and restore your property.

We create the space that makes you feel safe

If you have water in your home or business, it could be a serious cause for concern. In a flash, excess water can damage your valuables and significantly disrupt your life. At first sight of water entry, call us immediately at RAM Restoration, Grand Rapids water damage experts.

Man in Protective Suit Spraying for Disinfection in the Office

We create the space that makes you feel safe

Our team of professional, IICRC certified, and trained technicians will be dispatched within 15 minutes of your initial contact, to assess the water damages in your home or commercial business. Our primary mission is to get to the source of the problem, whether it is a plumbing issue from a burst or frozen pipe, a flood, or even a leak.

We aim to minimize the impact on your life or business and eliminate any long-term after-effects by employing the latest in water damage mitigation procedures. Ram Restoration will be your trustworthy partner in relief, regardless of the cause of the unwelcome water—a broken pipe, a flood, a storm, or an overflow.

Why Choose Ram Restoration for Water Damage Restoration in Grand Rapids, MI

A team is available 24/7, 365 days a year, to tackle water damage emergencies in Grand Rapids, MI. An expert team will be quickly sent to your home or business to stop any more damage from occurring and begin restoration right away.

Once water has been extracted, we shift our focus onto complete cleanup and restoration. We will thoroughly remove any debris, mold, pollutants, etc. due to the water damage. Additionally, we will evaluate and extract any porous building materials such as drywall and carpet that are no longer salvageable or that would be more costly to dry and clean than replace. The ultimate goal is to return your home or business to a pre-existing sanitary condition.

Mold prevention is a huge part of our restoration procedure. In order to prevent future mold development and provide a clean and healthy atmosphere for you, your family, or employees, we use quick drying procedures and antimicrobial treatments before any moisture has a chance to settle in your property.

With a dedication to serving the community, we understand the unique process and local environment of Grand Rapids businesses and homes, we guarantee a speedy and efficient response to any water emergency.

We understand the psychological effects of water damage, our team puts your happiness and well-being first. We’ll always work hard to make the restoration process as seamless and comforting as we can.

overflowing-bathroom-sink-RAM Restoration Grand Rapids

Why Choose Ram Restoration for Water Damage Restoration in Grand Rapids, MI

Highly Trained Restoration Specialists

Our professionals specialize in residential water damage restoration, with training focused on restoring salvageable items, accelerating drying time while documenting the entire restoration process.

Customer Satisfaction

Our professionals care about you and your property and want to help you get back to normal after you have water damage to your home.

Best Choice Restoration Company

We’ve earned the reputation as best choice water restoration company and specialize in water damage, mold, and so much more.

Simple Insurance Claims Process

RAM Restoration will help you navigate the insurance claims process and coordinate the necessary paperwork for a quicker, easier experience.
Burst Water Pipe in Kitchen RAM Restoration Provided Water Damage Restoration in Grand Rapids

Commercial Water Damage and Restoration in Michigan

When water damage invades your Grand Rapids business, it not only disrupts your daily operations, but also has a significant impact on your customers and employees. That’s why getting your business up and running as quickly as possible is just as important to us as it is to you.

Our team of professionals have years of experience in the commercial Grand Rapids water damage restoration industry and can carry out the unique, in-depth work that is needed to get your business back up and running again in no time.

How We Help with Water Restoration
in Grand Rapids, MI

Step 1: Contact Us

Get in touch with us as soon as you can if your property is suffering from water damage. Our emergency water damage phone line, (616) 818-1700, is open 24 hours, every day of the week. This means that we can get our response team on their way to your location fast and, in most cases, within fifteen minutes after the call has been made.

Step 2: Inspection

First order of business is to assess the extent of the damage in your home or business in order to plan for the next steps needed for appropriate recovery.
Then, with the aid of this information, we can build a comprehensive plan of action that takes care of every aspect and foresees future problems like the development of mold or structural deterioration.

Step 3: Emergency Services

Once a plan has been established, we begin the cleanup process—our IICRC-certified team will take over from there. This stage of the process includes the setup of drying equipment and the installation of temporary repairs if necessary. This will work to alleviate the damage and decrease interruptions to your business or home life.

Step 4: Completion

Upon completion of the clean-up and restoration, we will meet with you to conduct a walk-through of the affected areas to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work we have done. All necessary documentation to assist you in the event you choose to make a claim through your insurance company. If reconstruction is required, we can also recommend trustworthy contractors who are skilled in the reconstruction phase of any repair project in case additional rebuilding is needed.

What Causes Water Damage?

Numerous factors can cause water damage to homes and businesses, all of which have the potential to interfere with everyday activities. Here at Ram Restoration, we’ve dealt with a wide variety of water damage issues, including but not limited to:

Plumbing leaks are a common source of water damage in Grand Rapids, MI. Any kind of leak, from little drops to large bursts, can quickly result in damage to the property.

Broken water heaters can suddenly release a significant amount of water into a property due to malfunction or age of the water heater.

Adverse weather conditions in Michigan can provide water entry, from storms and floods, to even melted snow on the ground or roof. Snow dams are also a common occurrence in Michigan. They form as ice accumulates on the eaves of houses. As the snow melts, water can flow down the roof. With the temperature below freezing, the water re-freezes. When it begins to melt slightly, it can cause a leak, leaving your property susceptible to water damage and mold growth.

Unexpected leaks from dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances are common occurrences too.

Pipes and hoses that have been broken or burst have a good chance of flooding out your property in a very short time.

There could be moisture building up behind your walls that you can’t see. All that extra water can cause mold and affect the structure of the property. Moisture from daily activities as simple as showering can build up, especially when residual moisture settles or is not ventilated properly. This all leads to mold, which can be extremely harmful to your health if left untreated.

A blocked drain could expand your foundation. If this isn’t addressed, it could lead to the building not shifting or settling properly, consequently resulting in severe damage.

If the HVAC system is not maintained on a regular basis, the build-up of moisture will most likely cause leaks.

Sump pump failure can be a major issue, especially in the basement, where it can cause significant flooding. Typically, sump pump life expectancy is 6-7 years. Although, most don’t usually last that long due to the spring rains. If they are in overdrive, it can fail easily.

Surprisingly simple accidents such as children bathing, clogged toilets with plumbing problems, and even forgetting to turn off the sink can cause water to overflow and cause unnecessary damage to the property.

This happens when the sewer system becomes overloaded, and waste is pushed up through the toilet, crawlspace, or basements. Again, this can cause significant damage to the property, and even contaminate any affected areas.

Water damage can easily be minimized if recognized early and brought to the attention of the professionals, like Ram Restoration. With our water damage restoration services, we ensure that your home or business is protected and restored quickly without commotion.

What to Do When Water Damage Occurs

While it may not be top of mind, a water emergency isn’t unheard of. In fact, it happens to around 14,000 people in the U.S. every single day. That’s why it’s in your best interest to know what to do if you spot drops, leaks, or floods in your property.

Water Damage Restoration in Grand Rapid with Ram Restoration

If your home or business has become the victim of water, contact Ram Restoration for water damage restoration in Grand Rapids, MI today. We have a 15-minute response time guarantee for emergencies, 24 hours, 7 days a week.
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